Real Stories: Couple repairs circumcision damage through foreskin restoration.

Jeff & Amy

Many of the negative effects of circumcision are sexual, but these problems are not often recognized as being due to circumcision and are often blamed on the female partner.  Foreskin restoration can repair a lot of this damage (though it will not have all the same structures as the original foreskin.)  Read how circumcision affected this family.

Guest Post by Amy McDonough

Amy’s husband Jeff Sanger blogs at

I have been with my husband, Jeff Sanger for 16 years. We met when we were young; we were freshmen in college. I remember our first date like it was yesterday. I called my best friend and told her that while I was never the girl that had my wedding planned out from a young age, that I had met the man that I would marry. And we were married. We bought a house and decided to have children. I remember my first pregnancy so clearly. With your first pregnancy you have all this time to reflect and daydream and imagine what life will be like with a baby. (With the second and third pregnancies I barely had time to pee.) Our first child was a wonderful baby girl but I remember having the circumcision conversation with Jeff before we knew her sex. A friend of mine had sent me her birth plan so that I could use it as a model to write my own. On her birth plan it said: We do not want our son circumcised; he will be circumcised at the pediatrician’s office. I then asked my husband, “What if we have a son, how do you feel about circumcision?” I remember my husband’s reaction so clearly because it was somewhat visceral. He said, “I could never do that to anyone, let alone my own son.” I just agreed and didn’t think about it too much after that.

Then came the birth of our second child, a beautiful, perfect little boy, Sullivan. I never knew that having a son would be such a healing experience for my husband. Prior to his birth we didn’t talk very often about circumcision but after he came into this world intact it stirred a lot of emotions in Jeff. I remember the time so clearly and when I look back at pictures I can feel the sadness; it was sad only because my husband’s healing journey had just begun. He went through a lot of depression and he felt so disconnected at times that it broke my heart. He’s had a beard since I can remember and sometimes it gets a little long when we’re busy but eventually he has me trim it. His beard grew so long during this time and once I asked him if I could trim it back for him and he made some kind of comment about not wanting anyone to go near him with razors or scissors. I respected his need for space and time to think but it was hard for me, especially with a new baby who needed so much and our daughter who was a toddler.

Jeff, like most babies in the U.S., was circumcised shortly after he was born, in 1977. We later learned that his type of circumcision is what doctors refer to as a “tight circumcision.” He was left with literally no foreskin. During his months of depression I gently brought up the idea of restoring his foreskin. He was open to the idea. I think he knew he needed to start the healing process and move forward. I ordered him a Tugger from TLC Tugger and when we got it in the mail he completely lost it. It was a bad night and he completely broke down. He didn’t want to put it on and he was having a hard time figuring out how. I tried to help him but he didn’t want me to touch him. I realized more than ever in that moment what an effect circumcision had on him.

Jeff has been restoring now for almost five years. He has come a long way and I am proud of the man that he is. He talks to everyone about circumcision, even pregnant women on the bus. One of the reasons we are both so passionate about this is because of how it affected our sex life. Sex is supposed to be one of the most powerful ways we express ourselves and that was taken from Jeff when he was circumcised. It was taken without his consent and it created a lot of damage, damage that has been repaired over time, but he will never experience sex the way nature intended.

I can remember crying after sex many times and for many years. We literally could not have sex without oral sex first or without using lubrication. Sometimes I would lay in bed with an ice pack between my legs. It never occurred to me that this was from his circumcision; I thought it was my problem. I thought it was a bad combination of a large penis and a smaller vagina. I thought maybe I was too sensitive. Once he started restoring, even after just a couple weeks sex was 1,000 times better. He no longer had to thrust so hard to get feeling. Now after he’s been restoring for almost five years sex is amazing. Jeff wears his Tugger all day at work and even the skin on his glans has changed, it’s more supple and it’s softer just from it being covered all day every day. He now has a lot of pre-cum, something he never had before. That natural lubrication means we no longer need any artificial lubrication. I haven’t had a lot of sexual partners but I have a sneaking suspicion that we are not the only couple to go through this, given the sheer number of lubricants on the market. Not only did sex get better because the feeling is more intense for him, but because we have gone on this healing journey together we can talk about anything. Communication is stronger, we are stronger as a couple and, ummm… well, can I say again that the sex is amazing!

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22 Responses to Real Stories: Couple repairs circumcision damage through foreskin restoration.

  1. Greg Hartley says:

    Fantastic post! It’s good to see a couple share so openly and honestly – I hope it will inspire others to restore. My wife asks me to limit the level of detail (which I respect), but I can tell you that my restoration journey was very similar, though not identical. We have noticed significant improvement due to restoration. I actively restored for 15 months, mainly using the T-tape method. I then switched to daytime O-ring and nighttime silicone cone – this combination has worked well for the past ten years. To anyone considering foreskin restoration, try it! It takes a fair amount of patience, but the benefits are well worth the investment.

  2. so glad to hear a success story! My restoration is coming along nicely…it’s been about 2 years or so…and the results are seriuosly amazing :)

    Glad that you have made a comeback in your life!

  3. Maria says:

    This is beautiful, thank you for sharing.

  4. gerald says:

    it seems like every single person who restores has had amazing results. I am so envious and I lust after the same. I am anxious to get started, asap. thanks for sharing all of this, even if it opens up grief in my soul

  5. dee says:

    I wish my husband would look into this! I refused to allow our boys to be circumcised but my husband thinks foreskin is gross. It hurts me that he is okay with a piece of his body being removed. He also tells me no woman will want to have sex with our sons because of there forskin. :-( thank you for shareing your story it truly encourages me that I made the right decision for my sons!

    • gerald says:

      I feel so bad with women who are with men who won’t restore. I think these men are being immature, because why wouldn’t they want to deal with emotions and improve things. That’s where the fun starts. I am totally angry, and I am totally in grief, all the time. I go in grief cycles. I always will from now on I think, but in between them I can feel great joy. It’s funny how quick it can switch up. My point is that it’s better to grieve and feel something than just deny. It’s also better to restore and feel something (and give your woman something) than not. But it’s also important the way a woman approaches her man. I know about the male mind. I recommend an approach to a man like Esther in the bible (read the story). No not literally outwardly but the same approach spirit-wise. Please try this. Please study this. Please.

      5 years really? It takes that long? I’ve only just started. Again I’m back in a grief cycle. I’m depressed and angry again. These cycles are the curse or my parents, especially my mother. When I get skin to finally cover my glans while flaccid or erect, I’ll still not experience the true feelings. But what I mainly want is full sexual bonding. I don’t kwo how I can get that without full natural sex, but anyway I will get deeper bonding and that’s ok I guess, when it finally comes. At least I’m not wasting any time with it

    • roger desmoulins says:

      ” He also tells me no woman will want to have sex with our sons because of their forskin”

      For a father to speak that way of his own sons is deplorable in the extreme. Much worse than his declining to restore. Your husband simply cannot see that the American in which he was a gay young man will be rather different from the future America in which your sons explore the opposite sex. Many sexual details are evolving customs, not immutable physiological facts.

      In the 1970s, I was a young man too timid to date, because I felt that my penis was utterly weird by American norms. Meanwhile, my future wife was having at least 2 long term relationships with intact men, and she had no problem with the fact. I never dreamed that in the 21st century, some American women would use networked computers to reveal, sometimes under their real names, that they had been intimate with both kinds of men and preferred the natural penis, despite its being unAmerican. I read all the time in social media women saying that “the foreskin is there for a reason”. I’ve long noticed that in many respects, women incline to trust Mother Nature.

      • Dennis says:

        I recently turned 51. I was always good at prolonging an orgasm. sometimes over an hour. I developed an issue where I couldn’t have an orgasm. My sensitivity was done, there was none. My wife was distraught thinking it was her. I told her it wasn’t her it was me. I have started the long road of restoring to see if I can get any sensitivity back. I don’t want her to think I don’t lust after her because I do. If I knew then what I know now I wouldn’t have had my boys circumcised. At the time I didn’t know, the doctors came in and asked me if I wanted them circumcised, I said yes because that’s what they did. I was ignorant. I regret it now.

  6. jeff says:

    Such a moving story, thank you so much for sharing.
    I’ve known about Foreskin Restoration for a while and have tried a few different times (and a bunch of different methods) but didn’t stay with it. After five years with my intact husband I decided to try again. I’ve been at it for a year now and we both are very happy with the results. It’s good to hear success stories. Congratulations Jeff, on your restoration and all the happiness it has brought to your life.

  7. June Park says:

    I am so thankful you are open to this discussion. My hubby is still working to get out of denial and face this issue. The more we talk about it and share experiences, the more healing and helping can take place.

  8. purist says:

    If I were the wife, I’m not sure if I would have gone so far as to purchase for him a restoration device at the stage that she did- for various reasons I think that step in the process is better left for the man to arrive at on his own. But then again, who knows since it worked out for the best for them!

  9. L.B. says:

    This made me feel really happy for you two and really sad for me. I’m pregnant for the third time and have an ice pack between my legs after every time with my cut husband. Even if he’s gentle and makes it as quick as he can, it’s too much friction for me :( I didn’t know any other women had it as bad as I do.

  10. Brother K says:

    Please join the Men of Facebook who stand against circumcision:
    See “The Circumcision of Benjamin”

  11. Mary says:

    This is such a moving story. Thank you very much for sharing! Feeling his body constantly rubbing your clitoris (FINALLY!!) must be the best part of it for you, Ma’am. I’m so happy he’s not hurting you anymore & he’s getting to experience intercourse so much more closely than he ever did before & loving it!

  12. Mary says:

    *…closer to the way nature intended/the way y’all were created to make love…

  13. Josh says:

    I was working on restoring my foreskin too. but I have recently discovered that there is a non-profit organization called Foregen working on the possibility of stem cell foreskin regeneration for men who were circumcised but don’t want to be! If you want to be able to regain all the nerves and structures lost to circumcision using your own stem cells please support

  14. Donald says:

    I don’t think you could say he will never experience sex the way nature intended it to be. He may have had according you: literally no foreskin, but just one slight slit of foreskin tissue can be recreated, along with it the nerves it brings. The question is, what that slit contained will give him the feeling back. Of course there is know way to judge, how one feeling is compared to another. There are far too many factors for this even if it was scientifically possible to record. Also, who’s to say some new science that can regain those nerves can’t help him out some day in the near future? I’m intact, but grew skin for some wiggle room, but needless to say those words are very discouraging. Sure I know your intention was to become as realistic as possible with this situation, but I don’t think anyone really knows what ‘nature intended’ or not, sister. With that said, don’t forget to encourage him and best of luck to you lads.

  15. Major says:

    I am a little late posting on this story, but I must post for any future viewers surfing the net.
    I also, like Jeff, received a tight circumcision during the early 1970’s. As a teen and young adult, erections were often painful if they continued a long time. My partners always needed lube, and I was always hurrying to finish, because that was the most pleasurable part. I was often mystified at my Female partners when they orgasmed, since it was so much more powerful that anything I experienced (their bodies would shake). I remember, at one point, actually hating an ex-girlfriend for enjoying sex so much. I looked at her like she was dirty. Looking back now, i realize that i was jealous that she could experience what was foreign to me.
    Now, after 7 years of restoring, you would never know I was cut at birth. Sex is so dramatically different, so more intense, so more pleasurable, that words can barely express it. Looking back at my experiences as a cut male, I realize that I never truly received any physical pleasure. All my sexuality was in my head, forever stuck in the world of imagination. So much was robbed from me.
    I could go on at length about how wrong I think this barbaric procedure is. But in the end, we cannot change the past.
    The bottom line is that restoring will dramatically improve your sex life, and the relationship with your partner.
    On a side note: there are men who were intact at birth, cut as adults, and then restored. The majority of them state that after restoration, the sensation is close to the original, instead of far away.

  16. Great post. Perhaps you’d like to see a nursing case study I did with another couple, on customized foreskin restoration with the husband, his wife helping a lot, of a terribly botched circumcision scar. 
    If anyone would like a pdf of the whole article, please email me at either or and I’ll be happy to attach it to an email.
    Congrats++++ and very best regards,

    B. Maurene White (RN,

  17. Re-read the post – and had to add this – I haven’t cut my hair for nearly 20 years, just as a symbol of no cutting, and when people tell me to go to a salon for a modern hairstyle I tell them why it’s long. It’s a way of inserting intactivism into quite a few different conversations!!.

    Also has Jeff tried the freehand method? – I don’t know if it’s posted elsewhere but I put it on FarReach – Husbands of several well-known intactivist icons, and male intactivists too have used it successfully. The freehand method is interesting because it restores the mucosal surface which has the most nerve endings. Interestingly, as you both have noticed, mitosis stimulated in foreskin restoration stretches nerve fibres as well dermal and mucosal surfaces. Even if you have accomplished a lot with other methods, freehand can also add another dimension.

    My first husband was intact and really satisfying so he was my ‘standard’ on which to experience others. I couldn’t imagine that the same act with a circumcised man wouldn’t even feel like sex. Several years after we were divorced my experience, with a circumcised man, who I encouraged to restore and who was delighted to hear about this and restored eagerly, is that once he had achieved enough foreskin to cushion his corona on the outward movement, it began to feel like sex.

    I honestly believe that people who actually cut and circumcise are something between criminally insane and torturer/mutilators, intentionally, totally invading the privacy of their victims’ neonatal and future sexual lives. They should be sanctioned and prevented from circumcising, and I believe we are getting to that point.

    I also wrote an iPhone/Pod/Pad app to help keep track of restoration progress. Men on commissioned it through Tom Kulaga the admin of that site. i4SkinHealth an iPhone/Pod/Pad app see at:
    Tho obviously not essential to restoring, some men like keeping a record, and it is another teaching tool ‘out there’ for people to stumble onto and begin to think.

    Thanks again for your wonderful story – I’m sure you will relate to the similar story in the nursing case study.


  18. Richard says:

    How can this be legal? Is religion so powerful they can still mutilate baby boys and no legal accountability? If you were to circumcise a baby girl you would be in jail, why are we not protecting our baby boys? Such sexual discrimination. Should be class action lawsuits over this barbaric molestation. We wouldn’t treat an animal this bad. The studies show baby boys brains get changed by this, how can this keep being done to innocent babies, my god religions perpetuating this are so evil and so sick in the head.

  19. Ray James says:

    I’m an admin for a group on Facebook for the partners of restoring men. I was recruited to be an admin because of my extensive experience with foreskin restoration. Before restoring I was circumcised so tightly that my erections were curved and often painful and my glans looked and felt like coarse sandpaper. Nowadays I look intact and I’m 80 % finished with restoring my foreskin. If anyone is interested in information on foreskin restoration please email me
    I’ve also made how to videos of how to make a tapeless foreskin restoration device and posted them to youtube
    I have numerous website links that I can send to you by email and I’m always willing to answer questions about foreskin restoration

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